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Library Materials on 2nd Floor – not to cite-checking shelves please!

Material in the library 2nd floor reading room is accessible to law students 24×7. Please use that material in that reading room instead of placing it on your cite-checking shelves. Placing 24×7 accessible material on cite-checking shelves makes that material inaccessible to your fellow students. Email reference@law if you have questions.

Breaking News – Student Journals May Borrow From Lane Medical!

Thanks to Shannon Carreras, the new head of circulation at the Lane Medical Library, borrowing from Lane Medical has now been opened to all student journals!   Be sure to set up borrowing for your journal through the *law* library for that privilege.  Stop by the library or email reference@law if you have questions.

Tips for Student Journal Borrowing

1.  Members may not borrow library material using *Student Journal Library ID* from the following libraries:  Biology, Branner Earth Sciences, Chemistry, and Philosophy.  These libraries will loan material but only on member’s Stanford ID. 

2.  Members may not borrow periodicals or other short-term loan materials from any of the libraries except from law.   What works best is to make copies of pages needed for cite checking or to borrow on one’s SU ID temporarily, but only to photocopy and to return promptly.   See the library blog for information on how to obtain copy cards for your journal

3.  Members should use Student Journal Library ID number when paging material from SAL and/or when requesting books.  Library ID # stickers can be made available for members at the library 1st floor loan desk upon request. 

4.  Loan desk staff routinely place a colored slip in each book that is checked out at the law library first floor loan desk and request that you write article author’s last name on top of that slip.  That (visual cue) simply helps get books back on the designated author’s shelf after each use.  ** For any books checked out from other libraries, members should stop by the loan desk to get a colored slip insert for each book; write down article author’s last name on slip.  

5.  Periodicals paged from SAL to Law Library or books recalled with “delivery to library-law” designation do get sent to the law library loan desk.   Please note that even though such material becomes “available” at the law library loan desk, the “owning” library policies still apply; short-term loans would be charged out to member SU ID; recalled books from science libraries would be charged out for a 28-day loan period.

6.  Books recalled from student journals may be brought to the loan desk prior to their “new” due date.  That saves the library liaison a trip to those libraries but please allow a few days for library materials to reach their respective libraries.  Material that is already overdue or due the next day should be walked over to its owning library instead of being dropped off at the law library. 

Please NOTE: Loan desk staff can “discharge” / take books off your journal ID record before returning them via intra-library returns service for all libraries except for Business School and the Lane Medical libraries.  We can accept books from Business or Medical School libraries to be returned through the intra-library returns service but these remain on your journal library ID until received by their respective libraries.

7. Members should stop by the loan desk to find out who has a book checked out before recalling it.   Many times item being recalled is already on a law review shelf or in a faculty member’s office.   We can  a) tell you where to find that book (to be used and returned to that very law review shelf after each use);  b)  ask that you make a note of that book being in a law faculty office; request it closer to actual cite-checking time.

Questions?   Ask for Naheed, find any of the reference librarians, or email reference@law for assistance.