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Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals is now on HeinOnline

The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) has moved from the Ovid platform to HeinOnline on the Law Library Databases page. It used to be listed separately under “Foreign Legal Periodicals.” IFLP has the same content as before, but with much improved search capabilities. If you are looking for citations to articles about foreign countries or in foreign languages, the IFLP is a great starting point.

From the database description on HeinOnline:
The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals is the preeminent multilingual index to articles and book reviews appearing in more than 500 legal journals published worldwide. It provides in-depth coverage of public and private international law, comparative and foreign law, and the law of all jurisdictions other than the United States, the UK, Canada, and Australia. The IFLP also analyzes the contents of about eighty individually published collections of legal essays, Festschriften, Mélanges, and congress reports each year.

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) on HeinOnline

Keeping Up With U.S. Supreme Court-Related News

As the U.S. Supreme Court is back in business again for another term (October Term 2011), it may come in handy to keep some Court-related resources in mind.

At Robert Crown Law Library we have subscription access to the venerable and indispensable U.S. Law Week , which provides not only news of, but also in-depth analysis regarding, the Court, thru BNA (Bureau of National Affairs) at our Legal Databases webpage — please see here — as well as access to U.S. Law Week: Supreme Court Today.

A much newer, but equally indispensable, cutting-edge and free, Court-related resource — run by Stanford Law School lecturer and veteran Supreme Court practitioner Thomas C. Goldstein — is: SCOTUS Blog.

There is also another respected, long-time, and also free, Court-related resource available thru Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute (LII) — for Supreme Court opinions and links to other materials (briefs, glossaries, recordings of oral arguments, etc) please see here.

And, of course, there is as well the home website of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

Welcome to the 2010-2011 Academic Year at the Stanford Law Library…



There are  many great online resources available to you as members of the Stanford Law School community and Stanford University as a whole. Check out BNA, HeinOnline, Supreme Court Records and Briefs, LawInfoChina, Foreign Legal Periodicals, CEB materials, and much more.