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BNA Premier is Now Here

We have upgraded our BNA account to the Premier level (no airline miles, though).

Some of the new content includes: Health Law DailyDaily Labor ReportDaily Tax Report, and Daily Report for Executives (and enhanced corporate materials).

To see the full list of BNA content that we now subscribe to visit: https://www.law.stanford.edu/library/webauth/BNA/index.html.   Or, go to the library home page>select the link for library databases>select the link for BNA.

A nice feature provided with this service: we can set up customized RSS feeds based on searches of BNA materials.  If you look on the top right corner of this blog, you’ll see our new BNA Stanford Law School News feed.  If you have suggestions for other feeds, please let us know.

Happy researching.

BNA has a whole new look…

Just this week, BNA revamped their website.

Now, the BNA site is a lot easier to use and has a ton of customization features.   For example, you can customize the home page to always display news relating to a particular court or state, etc.

And, on the US Law Week site, the sidebar (left) now has two links worth looking at: Nominations & Confirmations and SPLIT CIRCUITS….very cool.

As always, you can select all of these databases to send you e-mail alerts of new developments. 

Feel free to explore.

To get to our BNA products, go to the library’s online services page (either from this Blog “Popular Databases” link to the left or from the library home page) and then select BNA. 

If you have any specific questions about the functions, please let us know.

We will also have a free trial of all BNA products shortly — Please let us know if you’d like to learn more.