Computer Labs in the law library & FAQs

Computer Access

The library has 28 dual-boot Mac/Windows machines located in the following areas: 8 on the second floor and 20 on the first floor. These dual-boot machines have a full suite of productivity and academic use software for Mac OS and Win OS.

Wireless access is available throughout the Law School. SLS students, if you need networking help, please visit the Help Desk during student support hours (Mon. – Fri. 1:00pm – 4:00pm) or send an email to

What software is loaded in the library computer lab?

See the list of software applications installed on Mac and Windows.

Can I install specialized software for personal use?

No.  All software images are centrally maintain.  Users do not have access to install software

Can other software be loaded?
Yes.  One can request additional software to be install, the process generally can take up to six months and is depending on testing, compatibility and software licensing, etc…  If all well, this will be release in the following image refresh cycle.

How do I save files or download documents?
To save files and any documents you can download and save them directly to a USB drive or to your AFS space.

Can I listen to music in the labs?
Yes. Headphones are available for checkout at the Loan desk for SLS students.

Who is eligible to use the library computer lab?
The lab is open to all current SU students. Graduating 3Ls and Advanced Degree students will have access to the labs until the end of the California Bar. Special accommodations can be made on a case by case, please contact the library at for more information.

How do I log on to library computers?
To login enter your SUNet ID and password.

Can I eat or drink in the lab?
No food. Drinks OK.

When and where are Help Desk staff available to assist with questions or problems?
The Help Desk lab is located on the second floor of the admin. building in room 205.

Student Support Hours:
Mon. – Fri.: 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Please note: Student support is available for SLS students only. The support offered by the Help Desk includes computer labs, computer hardware and software recommendations, software support and referrals to help on issues that exceed their level of support.

Printer in the Law Library:
There library has five high-speed network printers: two on the first floor and three in the teaming room. The printers use Equitrac printing solution, which enable users to print to a single queue, and release your print job from any of the five printers in the library.
Please note: Printers are for the use of Stanford law students only. 

Instructions to configure your laptop to print to library printers can be found here: Mac and PC. For further assistance with this, please contact Help Desk at

Who can print to library printers?
Only Stanford Law Students can print to the law library printers.

How to print single-sided?
The library printers’ default is double-sided.
– From the Print window, click Properties.
– Locate the Finishing tab, and uncheck the Print on both sides box.
– From the Print window, uncheck the Two-Sided box.

Are there scanners in the library?
Yes. The library has 2 flat bed Epson scanners; One in the teaming room and one on the first floor. You can also use the photocopy machine labeled TR-2 to scan. This machine is in the teaming room and it has a document feeder. Please note: Scanning is free, but to use the photocopy machine, you need an Equitrac card or code. No value will be deducted from your Equitrac card or code for scanning.