Survey Study of Just Who Among United Kingdom (UK) Academics Supports Open Access (OA)…

…apparently — in general terms, in the United Kingdom (UK) — Medical and Life Sciences, plus Natural Sciences and Engineering, Researchers, and Not Researchers in Arts and Humanities and the Social Sciences.

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Who support open access publishing? Gender, discipline, seniority and other factors associated with academics’ OA practice

| Scientometrics
| (March 2017)
| by Yimei Zhu


This paper presents the findings from a survey study of UK academics and their publishing behaviour. The aim of this study is to investigate academics’ attitudes towards and practice of open access (OA) publishing. The results are based on a survey study of academics at 12 Russell Group universities, and reflect responses from over 1800 researchers. This study found that whilst most academics support the principle of making knowledge freely available to everyone, the use of OA publishing among UK academics was still limited despite relevant established OA policies. The results suggest that there were differences in the extent of OA practice between different universities, academic disciplines, age and seniorities. Academics’ use in OA publishing was also related to their awareness of OA policy and OA repositories, their attitudes towards the importance of OA publishing and their belief in OA citation advantage. The implications of these findings are relevant to the development of strategies for the implementation of OA policies.