Three Applications to Track the Legal Changes Instituted by President Donald J. Trump

Please see “The Best Apps To Track Trump’s Legal Changes.”

Here the 3 applications:

  1. Track Trump (backed/set-up by 4 founders: Sam Altman, Alec Baum, Peter Federman & Gregory Koberger) — its aim is “to isolate actual policy changes from rhetoric and political theater and to hold the administration [45th President of the United States Donald John Trump] accountable for the promises it made.”
  2. The Cabinet Center for Administrative Transition (CCAT) (from the law firm Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft) — it brings together “pronouncements, position papers, policy statements, and requirements as to legislative and regulatory change related to the financial service agenda of the President, the new administration and the new Congress. It tracks legislative developments, executive orders, policy positions, regulations, the regulators themselves, and relevant Trump administration news.”
  3. Columbia Law School’s Trump Human Rights Tracker — it keeps track of the Trump administration’s actions and their implications for human rights, stating (among other things):

    To aid journalists, civil society organizations, and the general public, the Columbia Human Rights Law Review and Columbia Law School’s Rightslink, Human Rights Clinic, and Human Rights Institute have launched this regularly updated tool to keep track of Trump’s actions and their impacts on human rights.