Access to/Use of LexisNexis and Westlaw Over the Coming Summer

Stanford law students should keep in mind that access to and use of LexisNexis and Westlaw over the coming summer may be different from what is normal for the regular academic year.

LexisNexis has recently shared the following statement:

2012 Summer Access Program for Law Students:

Students will have full access to Lexis Advance all summer for educational purposes. Students simply need to have a registered Lexis Advance ID as there is no longer a summer access registration requirement. Educational use includes:

  • Summer course preparation and assignments
  • Research associated with Moot Court, Law Review, or Law Journal
  • Research associated with pursuing a grant or scholarship
  • Services as a research assistant to a professor, whether paid or unpaid
  • An internship, externship, or clinic position for school credit or graduation requirement
  • Study for the bar exam
  • Research skill improvement for educational purposes

If a student needs assistance locating their Lexis Advance registration credentials, please direct them to their local LexisNexis Account Executive. Access: Students’ IDs will be restricted to a limited menu of Career resources from June 1st to August 1st. However, if you have students that need access to specific content or functionality currently available only on (i.e. international materials), contact your LexisNexis Account Executive to obtain access for those individuals.

So: questions can be directed to Stanford Law School’s Academic Account Manager for LexisNexis: Jessica Bride <>.

As for Westlaw:

Students who need Westlaw or WestlawNext over the summer should click the summer access banner ad at, indicate why they need access (journal work or whatever) and agree not to use it for paid employment.  Stanford Law School’s Academic Account Manager for Westlaw: Mark Cygnet <> will have a sign up over the law library’s Westlaw printers by the end of the week.