Library Computers – Update

In case you haven’t noticed, we now have all sorts of new PCs and printers in the law library.

All new student Vista machines are equipped with :
MS Office 2007, WordPerfect, ESS software, email, IE & FireFox, Adobe Acrobat 9

Stata 10 on 5 workstations in  the 1 st -floor (closest to loan desk), 3 on the 2 nd -floor (closest to TV) and 2 in the Teaming Room (pending deployment)

Teaming room machines will be equipped with all the above  + Adobe CS3, Second Life and There


In addition to all these cool applications, the new machines have desktop shortcuts to the following sites:

• Socrates :

• WestLaw :

• Lexis/Nexis :

• SLS Library Page:

• CourseWork:

• EZProxy Off-campus Access :


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