Google Scholar’s New “Scholar Metrics” for 2014

In June of this year Google Scholar blog noted the release of the 2014 version of Google’s Scholar Metrics — please see here.

Scholar Metrics is intended to provide a ready method for authors to measure “the visibility and influence of recent articles in scholarly publications.”

It is “based on citations from all articles that were indexed in Google Scholar as of mid-June 2013 and covers articles published in 2009–2013.”

Lex Machina and Law Schools, Clerks and….

Lex Machina, an IP research tool that captures data by crawling PACER, the ITC’s EDIS, and the USPTO website everyday, provides free access to law students and qualifying public interest users (in the US) who study IP law.

The qualifying public interest group includes: Federal judges, their clerks and other staff; Members of Congress and their staff; University and college faculty, staff and students, directly engaged in research on, or study of, IP law and policy.

According to  Lex Machina:

A public interest user account may only be used for public interest purposes. That means no compensated or uncompensated use on behalf of a company, law firm, consultancy or other for-profit organization. For example, a law school professor who is also in private practice may only use his/her public interest account for academic purposes, not for any private practice purpose.

Judicial and Congressional users must have a “.gov” email account. Academics and students must have a “.edu” email account.

To enable public interest users to make best use of Lex Machina, we require prospective new users to attend an online training prior to receiving a user account.”

What a great opportunity for IP researchers in law schools.  Spread the word.

Contribute to the Stanford Law School e-Book Cookbook!


Calling all cooks!  As part of our commitment to wellness, the library has a new display of cookbooks in the second floor’s 24-7 Lounge.  All cookbooks are available for checkout, and we encourage you to suggest others for inclusion in our collection.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR RECIPES!  We have also started an SLS e-book cookbook, entitled “In the Kitchen with Stanford Law School.”  If you are an SLS student, staff, or faculty member, please contribute your favorite recipes, cooking anecdotes, and food-related photos! Submissions are open through December 1st.  When the e-book is finished (December/January), you’ll be able to download it for free via iTunes! Submitting your recipes and photos is easy.   Just follow this link:

So, take a restorative study or work break in the kitchen!